R A Y M O N D     M O R R I S

Heritage Artist      Photographer 

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Raymond Morris is a New Zealand artist who works internationally and specializes in painting heritage buildings in pen, ink and watercolours. In recent years he has completed a series on "Heritage English Public Houses". As well as presently working on paintings of "100 Classic Homes of Canterbury" digital copies of these paintings will in due course be offered to the New Zealand Historic Places Trust for their archives. He has also donated illustrations to New Zealand book titles including 'Lancaster Park, a history', 'Timaru at last, arrival of the Strathallan', and 'Christchurch buildings Watercolour Collection'.


He is noted for his fine attention to detail and historical accuracy in his paintings. For this reason his paintings are highly sought after, and now hang in offices and homes in the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand.

As well as painting many fine buildings of the present era, one of his great passions is recreating in a colour painting the historic buildings of bygone years. Prior to the 1950s, black and white photography was all that was available in most cases. Now Raymond is able to recreate in a colour painting the historic fabric of a particular period to be admired and treasured by all, using a series of black and white photographs, and historical observations for authenticity. The artist has also used in cases of existing old buildings his licence to "tidy up" their aspect by deleting some superfluous signs, TV aerials, high fences, and other appurtenances of the modern era, to show them as near as possible to their original appearance.


As colour photographs and paintings are scarce from earlier times, and many buildings have been demolished or fallen into disrepair, these works now hold particular interest as a record of Christchurch after the damaging 2011 earthquakes. Others of international building heritage are also included in his painting register.


As well as his paintings, he travelled widely in his younger years working in some third world countries doing voluntary work and supporting himself as a commercial artist in Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia, and the United Kingdom to fund his travels, and gain further artistic experience. The full record of these collections and photographs of  his travels have now been donated to the National Museum of Australia and the Alexander Turnbull Library in New Zealand for their archives.